Creative Co.


We are your design team. We are a married couple that have been together since summer camp in high school- if you can believe that! We love traveling the world and experiencing all that life has to offer with our little boy 'River'. We currently are living in pristine southern Ecuador and loving every minute of life in our adobe home in the Andes Mountains. Our days are filled with love, sunshine, fresh air and DESIGN. We are the true definition of yin and yang and this is what makes us such a great team.

Any project that we are given is met with professionalism, dedication and a true passion that is unfounded. You will experience this as so many of our clients have in the past. We are honored and thrilled to do what we do for a living. We wake up everyday and have to pinch ourselves. 

We cannot wait to talk to you about what we can do for your brand!


Dave Rushbrook
Co-Founder, Design Lead, SEO


Meg Rushbrook
Co-Founder, Social Media, Dave's Boss